Teaching Areas

100 Level classes
Principles Graphic Design I
Principles Graphic Design II

200 Level classes
Design Literacy & Communication

300 Level classes
Technology for Design II
Visual Communication III
Visual Communication IV
Spring Junior Cluster Project

400 Level classes
Exhibit Design
Advanced Media
Visual Communication V
Web Design

Graduate classes

Visiting Designers
Advanced Exhibit Design

I love to teach design. Through the design process, I help students understand design systems, conceptual applications, and the means for critical and applied thinking.

As a design professional, I bring to the classroom thirty years of experience working in the real world with different types of clients and within serious business deadlines. I am able to guide students through the complexity of working in both for-profit and non-profit environments. This includes exposing them to the need to communicate in different ways and to different levels of industry. Through this, they understand the need to vary and tailor their vocabulary, design and interests to suit different environments and client situations.

Having graduated from the ASU design department in 1987 as a student of founder Rob Roy Kelly, I have a long history with the department. I have seen it grow and expand and I am passionate about assuring the continued success and quality of the departments program and its legacy.

I take the future development of my students very seriously and for this reason, I mentor them and help them to secure internships and jobs within the field both locally and nationally.